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Scholarship Fund

As Connecticut’s only Doula Collaborative, we recognize how important it is to serve and protect marginalized communities, during what can often be a vulnerable time.⠀

Women of color are three to four times more likely to die of pregnancy or delivery complications than white women.* ⠀Due to this overwhelming statistic, birth doula service scholarships, given by the Birth Tribe, prioritize women of color.  Data has shown that having an advocate, reduces that rate, by over 80%. ⠀

Our scholarships allow for BT Doulas to attend births at no monetary cost to their families. The scholarship funds cover parking, meals, child care, supplies for the families that we serve, etc. ⠀

Our goal in the last 6 months of 2018, was to serve 5 families via our scholarship fund and we doubled that! Thank you to all of you who hired a BT doula in 2018 and therefore contributed to this cause, that is so near and dear to our hearts, as a portion of every contract goes to the scholarship fund.

Do you know someone who is need? Please send us an email at


*Each year in the United States,  700 to 1,200 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications.  Black women are three to four times more likely to die of pregnancy or delivery complications than white women. Having an advocate can protect a life and that is our priority.

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