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What makes us different?

We believe there is a doula for everyone, but it's not logical to think that one doula would be the right match for every person or family. We want our doulas to maintain their autonomy- and after years of experience, we understand the value in having many styles and personalities available at the time of choosing who will join them in such a life changing moment. ​ 

We also believe that the doula  doing the work, deserves to be making a living wage. Unlike an agency, who keeps a large portion of the doula fee, you hire and pay the doula you choose directly.


Whether you're seeking a doula who has education in touch, a doula who has a background in mental health, someone who specializes in reiki or crystal work, or someone who reminds you of your grandmother, we can help you find your match. ​ The final decision is in your hands! 


Here's how we can help: We will take the information that you have provided and set up a short zoom session for you to meet with each of the doulas that best match your specific need. Think of it as speed dating a doula!


Fill out a short personal profile form and we will get in touch!

Our pricing is tiered and based on experience level. It ranges from $1,000-$2250  and you can choose a price range that you are comfortable with on the profile form.

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