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What does a postpartum doula do?

Birth Tribe postpartum doulas help with the transition into parenthood through newborn education and support, infant feeding assistance, emotional and physical recovery support for birthing person, sibling care, 24/7 unlimited phone and email support, as well as light housekeeping and running of small errands. Studies have shown that having support early on can ease the stress and reduce the risk of postpartum depression and anxiety. 

Our postpartum doulas are also CPR certified and have received special education surrounding AAP guidelines on safe sleep, car seats, etc.  Some of our doulas have extra training and certifications, such as Neonatal Resuscitation for babies who may need extra care, infant massage, and baby wearing.  If one of these extras is something your family would like, please include it on your form. 

Our Pricing Structure  

Day shifts $45/hr 

Overnights $50/hr

Twin overnights $55/hr

Master Doula (certified in neonatal resuscitation) - please inquire 

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