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Registry Services

For many years our doulas have heard, "You should be able to register for doula services!" We have now made registering for doula care, easier for the families we serve. We can create you a personal link that will allow for your family and friends to help contribute to doula services (birth or postpartum) as well as childbirth education classes. Besides being able to have direct access here, your personalized link can be added to one of our favorite registry sites "Baby List" and we can show you how to add it to an Amazon Registry as well.  We will ask for a personal photo of you to include on the registry page. 

You can register for Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Childbirth Birth Education Classes. 

​We know that some families are spread all over the world, busy with their own careers, and have many other commitments, and are often unable to give time assisting with family needs. We are hoping that the creation of our registry services, will allow for families to give the gift of care and specialzied education for their loved ones, which is often more valued (as it should be!) than another material item, from our client's baby registries. 

Want to see a sample registry? CLICK HERE

If you're interested in starting a registry with us, please email 

Gift Certificates & Packages

Giving the gift of care, is one of the best gifts you can give a new or expectant family!  Gift certificates can be used to purchase any of our birth and postpartum services as well as childbirth education classes. 

Postpartum Packages can also be purchased as gifts.

They can also be used for birth worker trainings we host as well. 

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