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Upcoming Birth Doula Trainings 

Childbirth is a transformative experience where a family walks through a gateway from one version of life to another, birthing not only a baby, but themselves. Birth doulas have a sacred role in walking alongside the birthing family as they make this profound transition. We bring a wealth of knowledge, compassion, love, and skill that enhances and supports the birth experience for our clients. We believe strongly that birth doulas are advocates, as well as comfort-givers, position-change-facilitators, emotional supporters, embodiment guides, and so much more. 

Therefore, we offer trainings to new and experienced doulas alike, who want to come to your birthwork with a certain depth that is not offered precisely this way elsewhere. In our trainings, you will learn how to connect to birth, and in turn help your clients connect to their birth, from an embodied perspective. Together we will traverse the often-ignored inner landscape of birth, the sexuality of birth, the human animality of birth, and the profound changes in identity that pregnant families experience as they pass through proverbial threshold. You’ll learn how to meet clients where they are on this journey, and be able to artfully support their growth and change. You will learn the importance of advocacy and birthing rights as well, as they are foundational to our work in this current birth climate.  

All of our students receive a Doula Book for their training subject, that includes extensive information on all the topics we believe it is important for our doulas to know, pre-workshop exercises, and space for live work during your training. This book serves as a resource you can always go back to post-training, and fits beautifully in your doula bag as well!

Our trainings are built on more than just passion. You will feel capable and supported when you leave our training, knowing that you have tangible skills you can begin using right away, and knowing that you have ongoing mentorship available and community as a doula.


Our certification process is also different, because it’s about time someone change the way doulas are trained and certified. You can choose to work as soon as your training complete. We will discuss pathways to certification in our training as locally in CT, this process will shift.   You will be able to certify locally as well as hold a nationwide certification from an accredited doula training organization. The best of both worlds!


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Foundations Courses

This class will be four Saturdays in October. The 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. It will take place from 11am to 3pm each of those days With a cost of $750 taught by Melissa Duenas-Witter and Erica Guthaus and will be taught virtually, 


Our Foundations course is the fullest expression of our curriculum–where you will receive the tools you need to start working with families right away. You will learn the basics of birth or postpartum, as well as our Embodied philosophy and what makes our approach to doula work different. In this in-person or virtual workshop, you will get hands-on experiential learning of the materials you will have already encountered in your Doula Book prior to training. You will bond and collaborate with a cohort of doulas from your community or region, all working toward the goal of initiating or strengthening your doula practice. You will be invited to share, discuss, try, and experience a myriad of approaches and topics. 

This course may be for you if…

-You’ve never taken a doula training before

-You’ve taken a doula training in recent years but were dissatisfied in some way

-You’ve taken a doula training from another org but don’t feel ready to start working with clients

-You see yourself reflected in our community

-You’ve witnessed or supported birth or postpartum independently, and you’d like to learn how to make it your career 

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