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Tiny Feet

Desirae was professional, considerate, and compassionate. She immediately put my fears to rest making me comfortable knowing my role was to focus on my wife and the experience, while she handled the rest. Coming from someone that was against a doula I have come full circle and would strongly recommend everyone engage a doula for child birth. It only heightens how enjoyable this experience really is. For men who have the same concerns I did, although I cannot speak for all doulas, I can say you can put your fears to rest if you hire Desirae Whittle. She made the whole child birth experience that much better.”



What they're saying about Desirae >

Little Feet

“We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. Knowing you were there throughout the entire process was so crucial to our confidence and comfort. Our daughter’s birth would have been significantly different if you were not present. Your expertise, knowledge and voice were invaluable and we are beyond thankful you were there to stand up for us, let us know what was taking place, and what our rights were. our experience with you was phenomenal and we are SO grateful we found you!”

- Kristen