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Melissa Duenas is the owner of Central CT HypnoBirthing® and Mama Warrior Doula. She is also the founder of Birth Tribe LLC. 


Melissa has been a birth doula for the last 7 years and a childbirth educator for 5 of those. She has served over 300 families as a birth doula in homes, birth centers, and hospitals throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. She has been featured in nationwide publications for her work with families planning to have VBAC's and her work in the surrogacy industry. She has been featured on NPR, and has received accolades for her advocation work with Improving Birth™

Melissa found her love for HypnoBirthing® after having her own silent birth. She wants families to feel in control of their own births and to be without fear and anxiety when experiencing whatever the labor space may bring.

Melissa resides in Manchester, CT with her loving husband John, three sons, and their family dog.


Ailish is the co-founder of Central CT Hypnobirthing and owner of Birthing Bravely Doula Services. She is also a collaborator with Birth Tribe as a birth and postpartum doula. She co-hosts a Postpartum Birth Tribe support group twice a month and is the client relations administrator for Birth Tribe to ensure all potential and current clients are satisfied with the process and their care.


Ailish has served families in home and in hospitals and believes in protecting birthing peoples’ autonomy and the natural physiology of birth.


Ailish fell in love with HypnoBirthing after just the second birth she attended. Seeing the strength, courage and calm the mother had in her HypnoBirthing experience was awe inspiring. She had had her own self-hypnosis experience herself during her birth and felt and still feels such empowerment from the experience. Ailish wants to encourage all birthing people to feel in control and free from anxiety in their birthing space and their experience no matter where they choose to birth.


Ailish resides in New Britain CT with her caring husband, 2 sons by marriage and bio daughter along with their 2 cats and their dog.

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