Meet the Doulas 


Diane McKenna 

Birth Doula & Postpartum Doula

"I'm a wife/homemaker, a caregiver, a doula and an expecting mama. My loved ones know me as an avid reader/listener. I love sharing - knowledge, experiences, laughter and food!"


Edith Peters 

Birth Doula  

"After the birth of my grandchild, where a doula attended the birth, I knew that this was the career I just needed to do!


Erinne Bugge 

Birth Doula 

"I'm a tree hugging progressive mom. I love to bake, learn new skills for the homestead, and work on my never ending self care project."


Laura Rodenbusch

Postpartum Doula & Birth Doula

"I'm a lover of animals, books, babies and supporting families as they grow. I'm a mom to three wildly extroverted school aged children, and twenty years ago I married the love of my life, who was a German  exchange student at my high school! I'm also a vegetarian, fluent in German, very intuitive and a strong advocate for later school start times for teens. Life is good!"


Stefanie Trudeau

Birth/PP Doula & Childbirth Educ.


Carie Tonovitz

Birth Doula & Licensed Nutritionist