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GentleBirth Workshops prepare you both mind and body. This comprehensive childbirth education is designed to provide expectant moms and partners easy to learn brain training techniques including Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Sports Psychology and Medical Hypnosis along with tools, information and techniques to prepare for the most positive birth for you.

GentleBirth Workshops include:

  • 30-day Subscription to the GentleBirth App

  • Mindfulness and Focus Training

  • Sports Psychology

  • Brain training for a positive mindset

  • Hypnosis

  • Hormones and Physiology of Birth

  • Comfort and Relaxation Techniques

  • Evidence-Based Care

  • Informed Decision Making

  • Skills for the Birth Partner

  • and more

Three class options to accommodate your schedule and preference!

Fee covers registration for two: pregnant parent and partner (or support person)

$290: Group Class, 1-Day Blended Learning Format — This class blends both in-person and online learning. Participants will enjoy one 9 hour day of in-person learning, followed by access to online video content and resources in the online GentleBirth Institute. This option is excellent for motivated individuals who enjoy self-paced and flexible learning. 

$350: Group Class, 2-day Live Format — This class takes place over two days, with the full GentleBirth curriculum presented in-person. Participants will enjoy two 6.5 hour days of interactive learning. This option is excellent for individuals who prefer in-person instruction.


$375-$450: Private GentleBirth Class, Either Format — Prepare for your birth on your own schedule! Depending on your preference, classes can be divided over several days, evenings, or weekends. Please inquire for availability and to schedule. 


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