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What makes us different?

We believe there is a doula for everyone, but it's not logical to think that one doula would be the right match for every person or family. We want our doulas to maintain their autonomy- and after years of experience, we understand the value in having many styles and personalities available at the time of choosing who will join them in such a life changing moment. ​ 


Whether you're seeking a doula who has education in touch, such as a licensed massage therapist, a doula who has a background in supporting those with depression or anxiety disorders, someone who specializes in reiki or crystal work, or someone who reminds you of your grandmother, we can help you find your match. ​ The final decision is in your hands! 


Here's how we can help: We will take the information that you have provided and set up a short session for you to meet with each of the doulas that best match your specific need. We will then guide you through the process of starting a relationship with the doula you choose. ​ Our doula pricing is based on experience and is listed on the profile form.


Wondering how to get started? Fill out a short personal profile form and we will get in touch, call one of our matchmakers, or chat live to find your matches and setup a free consult. 

Our Pricing is tiered and based on experience level. It ranges from $600- $1,850 and you can choose a price range that you are comfortable with on the profile form.

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