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Little Feet

“Ashley helped me to trust in the bond I had instinctively developed with my baby girl, even when I doubted myself. I was so scared of not knowing how to be a mom the “right” way but Ashley supported me throughout those early days as a new mom. She has such a passion for assisting other women throughout the journey of motherhood and that radiates in everything she does. She inspired me to be the best mom I could be without even knowing it. I highly recommend Ashley to soon to be moms as they embark on this beautiful chapter in their lives.“


What they're saying about Ashley >

Tiny Feet

"She provided a remarkable arsenal of pain management/sensory gating techniques that made labor progress faster and not require any pain meds other than nitrous (in fact, many of the rebozo techniques she used, or other sensory distractions she suggested were more effective than the nitrous!) Her postpartum support has been amazing. Finally, largely because of her support, my daughter's birth was a powerful experience of psychological healing for me and strengthened the bond between my husband and I to a remarkable level."